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“Our governor called us in to deal with the flag that sits out front let deal with the national sin that we face today!” Bright added. “We talk about abortion but this gay marriage thing, I believe we be one nation gone under, like President Reagan said. If we not one nation under God, we […]

veneer of self assurance

Isn hard to see why Petit was Trump finance chair in Georgia, said Clayton Halunen, a Minnesota lawyer representing the two former employees alleging securities fraud. Appears to maintain a veneer of self assurance, no matter how disturbing his conduct. Vehemently denies the security fraud allegations. hd led display Some of them are listed below: […]

pope francis security

pope francis security effort gets first test in washington There was a marked dip in the number of eco docs in 2013, with the best of those not making the Top 10 being Lucien Castaing Taylor and Verena Paravel’s visually striking whaling study, Leviathan. Instead, the focus turned to political topics, past and present. Shane […]

portsmouth wells fargo

portsmouth wells fargo bank robbed friday Under 14 A League: Heyford Park 4, Harwell Hendred Yth 3; Summertown Cobras 6, Ardington Lockinge 0; Ducklington Spts 9, Crowmarsh Yth 0. B League: Grove Chall 2, Quarry Rov Blast 3; Hinksey Park 1, Abingdon Utd 7; Summertown Eagles 0, Cumnor Minors 4. C League: Garsington Yth 9, […]

Small business people who generally guard

Small business people who generally guard against burglars by locking and placing alarms on doors and windows, ought to take heed of this story and look upward. Is your business vulnerable to a rooftop burglary? All rooftop hatchways, air ducts and air vents should be covered by security bars that are securely fastened. Glass skylights […]

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“In our focus groups, we get a handful of Democrats who say Donald Trump will be their first choice and Hillary Clinton will be their second choice. Or Donald Trump will be their first choice and Bernie Sanders will be their second choice. So Trump is absolutely correct in that he is pulling in people […]

Morey called that effort

Morey called that effort “standard practice” not unlike previous photo shopped images of Howard in a number then worn by Pat Beverley and Chris Bosh in a number then worn by Luis Scola. Rockets rookie Nick Johnson was given No. 3, worn last season by Omer Asik. Guardiola was tasked as the man to instigate […]

As for the coach

As for the coach, well, he was from Pittsburgh. “They’ll never fire him,” said the nurse on his way to the hospital. “He’s family.”. This morning, I was having a chat with (Brad) Haddin, (Aaron) Finch and (David) Warner about the Big Bash. Speaking for myself, we are all good friends off the cricket field. […]

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For example, there is no valid medical or scientific reason to limit marijuana therapy for pain management to only two diseases cancer and HIV/AIDS, as is currently the case. Marijuana is effective for pain management for any disease, injury or medical condition that causes chronic pain. Marijuana therapy is appropriate for any chronic condition for […]

Booger was foaled March

Booger was foaled March 19, 2006. Isn’t he gorgeous?! He is a big horse. He is about 15.3 H and very stout! He is started under saddle, halter broke and picks up all four feet. A: Because you are always paying on expectation, in any contract, athletes or otherwise. So what I will say about […]